What is My Dress Rehearsal (MDR) all about?


Patricia Hunnewell

The founder and CEO of My Dress Rehearsal (MDR), a company dedicated to enlightening people of all ages in the art of etiquette.  She has over 20 years of life  and  work  experience  in the  corporate Real Estate industry and early childhood education.  For the past 8 years her etiquette experience has allowed her to provide customized programs to reinforce life skills appropriate for children, families and organizations.  



 Her husband and three girls relocated to Grand Rapids from Atlanta, Georgia.   Being featured on Fox and Wood TV to share tips and advice on etiquette as well as having several articles published in local magazines, was one highlight of her career. She also enjoyed judging a Miss Teen Pageant.  Currently, she enjoys volunteering her time to enlighten elementary school children with table manners, tips and tricks. 



MDR is created to facilitate people of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas to enjoy life and thrive. Her passion to share and inspire others with the history and mystery of etiquette includes fine dining, networking, conversation and situational protocol.    Life is a Dress Rehearsal, and MDR wants to provide you with the best environment to practice and be prepared for that next opportunity.